About Us

Bink Cement Products/Pavers are all manufactured locally here in Canberra with our materials sourced from the surrounding region enables a cheaper produced product which is very competitive to other products allowing for a more affordable landscape design to be achievable, a lot of award wining homes and landscape design awards have used Bink Pavers.

Products manufactured from our Mitchell factory have a reduced carbon foot print due to low transport required to manufacture and deliver as well as water saving measures in place with 100% waste water recycled back through the production line.

Bink Pavers are the MBA supplier of the year and we will continue as we always have to manufacture a quality product to the Canberra and surrounding region.

So come in and talk to one of our experienced sales staff, we would be happy to offer assistance and guidance with paver design to colour selection as well as solutions for retaining walls and most things concrete. We hope to talk to you soon.

The Bink Cement Products Team