• Do we sell to the public?
    Yes we do, we are a wholesale outlet.
  • Do we deliver?
    Yes we deliver in the Canberra area as well as the surrounding region.
  • Do we recommend sealing pavers?
    Our pavers are already pre-sealed with a salt resistant sealer, which is added into the mix during the manufacturing stage. An additional sealer can be applied to make cleaning easier due to BBQ fats, and general stains such as tannin stains etc. All types of sealers can be used on our pavers.
  • Does applying a sealer change the colour of the pavers?
    Most sealers will change the appearance of the pavers, there are a lot of sealers available and no specific sealer is recommended. Wet look sealers to dry look sealers, water based sealers to enamel sealers to name a few
  • Will the pavers fade?
    Over time the face of the pavers will begin to weather due to the outdoor elements, depending on the appearance desired, sealing is an alternative after several years of weathering and will give them a new lease of life, a light acid wash is also another option to cleaning.
  • What is the white stuff on my pavers?
    Effloresence it is called and is a white powdery substance released from within the paver due to H2o (water) reacting with the lime within the cement. Our added sealer during production helps reduce the severity of this unfortunately not 100% resistent to this chemical reaction which occurs in all products using cement.
  • How can I remove effloresence?
    You can buy effloresence remover from your local hardware store or alternatively consult our specifcations guide to view a cleaning guide.
  • Are the pavers coloured throughout the entire paver?
    Yes they are coloured throughout the entire paver.
  • Do we sell concrete sleepers?
    No we do not sell concrete sleepers. Fyshwick Cement 62806047
  • Can I use my angle grinder to cut pavers?
    Yes you can provided you use a diamond blade disc, masonry discs are not recommended,(you will burn out your grinder). If you use a water assisted cutting table ensure you wash the excess slurry from the pavers as this can stain your existing newly laid pavers with drip marks also an unsightly cut edge with concrete slurry which once dry is impossible to remove.
  • Can we cut the pavers for you?
    Yes we have a cutting service for product purchased from Bink Cement Products only.Mark the cut to be made with a black texter, we can usually cut while you wait depending on our time frame and the number of cuts required.(there is a $5 cutting fee per cut, blocks are $10)
  • Do we collect our pallets?
    Yes we like to collect our pallets, just call us or email us and we will collect them when our truck is in the area.
  • How do I calculate the number of pavers I require?
    Using our online calculator