Residential Paving Projects

Everyones Favourite

Bink Cement Pavers are used in many ways to suit individual tastes

  • Courtyards to main entrances
  • Pathways to entertainment areas

Bink Cement Pavers are available in a unique selection of colours to help you create that special place.



Natural Style Finish

Mined sands and materials combine to give the paver a natural appearance that is long lasting in the ever changing climate and will continue to enhance your outdoor living.

Bink Pavers have colour oxide all the way through so a renewable finish can be achieved after a number of seasons have passed by using one of our cleaning methods.





Looks Great

Paving will of never been as easy due to Bink Cement Products commitment to a high quality standard.

The latest technology is used in creating a paver that looks great in any environment.






Easy to Handle

For the jobs that require that little bit of extra effort Bink Cement Pavers are also available in small size units. For those hard to get at places made easier.



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