Celebrating 50 Years


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The beginning of an era, Bink Cement Products starts manufacturing and sales to the public.

Jacob Bink founder of Bink Cement Products

Pictured. 3 Hard working men, pictured right Reinholt (pop) Bink.
Note: no fork lifts were in use.

All products were first manufactured at Geelong st Fyshwick 1961,


In 1965 Bink Cement Products moves to a larger premises Barrier st Fyshwick to accommodate the growing Canberra with manufacturing concrete pipes.


Bink Cement  Products continues to grow now moving to Collie st Fyshwick 1974, and supplying pre mix concrete with Bink mini mix.



Hard at work 1992 Collie st Fyshwick


The company now expands with a second factory in Dacre st Mitchell in1996 to meet the growth of the Canberra region in Gungahlin.

Pictured: Jacob Bink


In 2009 Bink cement expands the Mitchell outlet with larger storage and manufacturing facilities.

2011 / 2012

In 2011/2012 the company continues to work hard and is still a major supplier for large scale commercial jobs and residential houses.

In 2011/2012 the Bink Cement Products founder is leading the way. The company's main product manufactured is Pavers.

Pictured: Left, John Bink  Right,  Jacob Bink

Bink Cement Products Mitchell