Laying Choka Blocks

The CHOKA block is an exciting addition to our range of dry stacked retaining wall and paving products. It has been specially designed and developed to suit weekend handyman or the professional landscape tradesman. Special provision has been made for the addition of vertical and horizontal reinforcing bars if required. Low pressure irrigation lines or low voltage garden light cables can also be placed inside the blocks. Steps, curves and turns can be constructed with ease. Choose from any of the seven exciting, natural colours. Caps and solids are also made to suit. CHOKA blocks are suitable for wall up to 1 meters height.

As easy as 1-2-3

Step 1. Dig a level footing a minimum of 125mm deep and 300mm wide, or until a solid footing is achieved. Place a 50mm bed of brickies mortar in the bottom of the footing to allow the bedding of the first row of CHOKA blocks. Alternatively 100mm of sand or fine crusher dust, screeded to a level finish can also be used.

Step 2. Lay the first row of CHOKA blocks (with lip down) the desired line ensuring that each block is level. Place a slottes drainage pipe, extending the length of the wall, behind the first coarse of blocks and cover with 12mm or 19mm crushed rock. When laying CHOKA blocks always leave a 2-3mm gap between the blocks to allow for seepage build up.

Step 3. Lay extra rows on top of the base coarse until the required height is achieved. Backfill with a suitable porous material and compact every coarse. When doing curves part of the remaining lip may need to be removed with a hammer and bolster. Capping can be fixed to the top row with a suitable adhesive. Never backfill expansive clay.