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390mm x 190mm x 190mm

Ideal for raised garden beds, vegie patch, retainingwalls as well as construction.

Versaloc is a dry stack masonry block wall system. For walls 600mm in height and under all that is required is hard level ground with the first course to be leveled and aligned, the following course is very easy to lay as no mortar or concrete is required, the versaloc simply locks together, core fill the blocks with blue dust,dirt or concrete, the wall is then  capped using a block cap.

Walls over 600mm in height will need a concrete footing with vertical reinforcement out of the footing, the first course of blocks mortared in, additional  horizontal reinforcement required over 1 meter. Concrete core filling is required in every block, the blocks after the first course do not need to be mortared. This is a basic guide and not certified. For more information talk to one of our sales representatives.

Corners are achieved by using a left or right 90deg turn block. End Blocks come in full blocks and half blocks.