Wallstone 3 Urban Dry Stack Retaining wall system - Caps

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Wallstone 3 Urban is a concrete block dry stack retaining wall system which can be easily constructed with no need to dig holes or pour concrete. All that is required is solid ground and some base material such as blue dust to lay the first course on, once the first course is in place and level the rest of the wall is easily assembled by simply placing the rest of the blocks in place, finishing with a wall cap.

If the ground is not solid enough (to soft) remove existing ground up to 100mm and replace with a base material.

Urban wall can be laid as a vertical straight wall up to 4 courses high (600mm) + cap with out concrete reinforcing. Or a set back wall can be laid 5 courses high (750mm) + cap with out concrete reinforcing.

Corner blocks are available to achieve a 90degree turn without cutting.

Block Dimensions are  : 300mm (l) x 150mm (h) x 250mm (d)

Caps dimensions are   : 300mm (l) x   60mm (h) x 250mm (d)

Corner dimensions are: 370mm (l) x 150mm (h) x 250mm (d)

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